3 countries in one point
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Three countries in one point!

Do you like travelling? Would you like to visit three countries in one point within a short period of time? TripAtom has a great idea for you!

There are many points in the world where three or more countries are crossing. They are called “Tripoints”. We are going to present to you 5 of the most interesting places of intersection, where you can visit 3 different states in a day. Let’s start?

Puerto Iguazu

This town is located in a place where Iguazu River empties into another – Parana. At the junction of these rivers, three states are connected together- Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. The economy of Puerto Iguazu is centered on tourism, not only because of the unique border triangle, but also due to the fact that in 18 kilometers away from the town the world famous Iguazu Falls are located.

Puerto Iguazu

Puerto Iguazu – Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay


This name is bearing by a mountain, on top of which there are three countries converge – Slovenia, Italy and Austria. At its top, there is a monument-pointer with three arrows pointing to each country. Its location is actively used for annual meetings by both locals and tourists alike in three countries. And it’s not surprising – just look what a stunning landscape is there!


Tromeja – Slovenia, Italy and Austria


At the top of an extinct volcano in the Andes, there is less popular, but no less interesting meeting place of three countries – Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile. Adjacent to the mountain areas are protected. In the territory of Bolivia, there is a natural park Eduardo Avaroa, in Chile – National Park Los Flamencos. On Argentine’s side, there’s the protected area Pitchfork. And on top of Zapaleri you can find a small crater lake.


Zapaleri – Argentina, Bolivia and Chile


This small hill is known as the place of border crossing of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. It’s also the highest point of the Netherlands (322 m). At the top, you can find a small memorial sign with the flags of states and three benches and a few steps away from it – a maze called Drielandenpunt. It’s the largest maze in Europe.


Vaalserberg – Belgium, Netherlands, Germany

Three-Country Cairn

The intersection point of Finland, Norway and Sweden is located in the territory of the lake Goldajärvi. The yellow domed concrete artificial island was set in 1926 at a distance of 10 meters from the nearest land, in a circle where you can run and shout: “I am in Norway!”, “I’m in Finland!”, “I’m in Sweden!”, until you get tired.

If you are interested in this kind of travel, you can independently explore the Tripoints of other countries by yourself. Or maybe you’ve already been to these places. Tell us about it in comments below and don’t forget to subscribe.

Three country Cairn

Three country Cairn – Finland, Norway, Sweden



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