Around the world in 5 hours!
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The tour around the world in 5 hours!

What do you think about climate? What is it actually? How does it impact on the Earth’s life? Do you want to know about weather & climate a little more? We introduce the tour around the world in 5 hours!

Exploring the world

Exploring the world

Around the world tour experience in a museum

So welcome to the Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost! This incredible museum gives answers to all mentioned questions above while sending its visitors to a memorable journey around the world. Ice sheets, deserts, oppressive humidity: an unusual museum in Bremerhaven, Germany has turned the world’s climate zones into an experience.

The Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost is a unique world of knowledge and experience, focused on climate and weather. The fascinating exhibition in Bremerhaven offers you the possibility to travel along the eighth degree of longitude. You will pass through different countries and continents. The Klimahaus also shows you our perspectives for the future and gives you an idea of the museum opportunities.

"Cool" exposition

“Cool” exposition

You will see multimedia installations, authentically designed climate zones, interactive exhibits and much more. Visitors can travel the virtual line of the Greenwich’s meridian 8° east in a single day and experience a wide variety of climate zones along the way. Now it’s possible to discover how climate change is already impacting on people’s lives.

Feel yourself like an ant

Feel yourself like an ant

Circumnavigate the globe and experience the Earth’s different climate zones: from a cool, refreshing Swiss meadow via the blistering heat of the Sahel region to ice-cool Antarctica, on to a south sea paradise and back to the changeable climes of north Germany. At every stop on the journey through the sections, the creator’s penchant for detail is apparent to visitors.

The tour around the world in 5 hours!

One of the multimedia installations

The organizers of the exhibit, Bremen-based Petri & Tiemann, believe that visitors will spend four to five hours at Klimahaus – but it could likely be longer than that. Here it is also offered seminar facilities, educational programmes, group deals and an in-house restaurant.



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